Welcome to my website detailing my journey in croquet as I endeavour to play at the highest level. Of course I make no apologies for also promoting this wonderful, yet at times mis-understood sport.
I look forward to sharing with you the highs and lows, the successes and most importantly, introduce you to some of the wonderful friends and supporters I have made.
I trust you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy croquet.
And if you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions, please feel free to comment.

24 hour croquet - girls

24 Hour Croquet Fundraiser for Junior Diabetes

24 Hour Croquet It's on again - 24 Hour Croquet, where we literally do eat, sleep and play croquet. This year we ...
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2015 Festivus

Serious issues have been raised at the Airing of Grievences at Festivus 2015. Yet again they are then further investigated ...
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Airing of Grievances

Wagga Festivus 2014 – Airing of Grievances

Once again Festivus hits Wagga Wagga and the Thirsty Crow. A low key affair with many people far too apathetic to ...
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Night Croquet in Ireland

24 Hour Croquet for $24,000

24 Hour Croquet - WE must be mad... Actually it is all for a good cause - Cerebral Palsy Alliance. The Canberra ...
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Come air your grievances around the Festivus pole

Wagga Festivus 2013

Gearing up for the Wagga Festivus Festivus will be celebrated in Wagga Wagga this year at the Thirsty Crow Festivus is a ...
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Japan's Iwate B vs Wagga Wagga

2013 NSW Gateball Championships

Wagga Wagga entered a team in the 2013 NSW Gateball championships. We had a lot of fun on the way to ...
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Jim Nicholls. Croquet Champion. Wagga Wagga. from ABC Open Riverina on Vimeo.