2010 Nationals

November 2010
National Double & Singles, Cairnlea Croquet Centre, Victoria

First day of doubles
One for games. Went for TPO in the first game, good ball control but missed a simple roquet, giving Trev a 4 inch roquet on B-baulk (Given his current form he had a 60% chance of hitting it). Enjoying playing with Basil, certainly different being the lead partner. Good win versus Kevin and Wendy. Barbecue with Claire, Trev, Tim, Jenny, Basil and Martin.
Second day lost to Wise/Kingdom combination in a very awful match, Wise utilising some awful tactics. Still put in three good breaks today. Start to focus more on singles now.
Played three games in the plate. Reasonable day but by third game had switched off to tune into the singles. Need to keep fluid intake and had minimal lunch. Had a fun night at trivia down at Williamstown with Anne Quinn, Martin, Rosie, Rosemary, Alison, Wendy, Pete and Basil.

National singles.
First day of the play. Roquest were slightly off in the first game against Martin lost 9-26. A good nine under pressure. Won remaining three games with 1v2 and a triple. Missed out on another triple by walking when playing. Big day tomorrow have to keep cool and work through each game on its merits.
Second day. Good game against Stephen Richards and Robert Fletcher, unfortunately had a failed triple but happy to put in a break of nine with a cross wind leave. Liz Fleming played a beautiful game so ended up with three losses for the day.
Day three. Enjoyed being able to sleep in today and having time for myself as finding it important part of my routine especially when sharing with others. Need the headspace. In the first round of the knockout played Mike Hughes, unfortunately losing in two. He outplayed me in the first game however in the second game I had a break to the win but made silly ball movement errors.

Playing in the ‘Y’ my first-round opponent was Steve Jones, which ended up being a 7 1/2 hour marathon eventually winning 2-1 (9 – 26, 26 – 24, 26 – 8).
Played well against Judy Wembridge, defeating comfortably 2-0.
Against Rosie Graham, unfortunately I gave up the second game against her by blobbing Rover from only 3 inches out in front, however eventually the match 2-1.

Played in the ‘Y’ final against Tim Murphy. In the first game I couldn’t hit anything and therefore lost 0 – 26. The second game was a right royal battle in which ended up a 1 versus 2 game for the best part of an hour and 40 min. I had some very good chances hitting some cross-court roquets when I was for penult but eventually lost 24 – 26. Was a great game all the same with great experience gained. After the usual long drive home through very windy and wet conditions was very tired, especially after playing 29 games in nine days of consecutive croquet.

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