2010 NSW Mens Championships

Played at a number of different venues with a field of 18 in 2 blocks of 9. Superhoops were also used at Tempe for the first time in a NSW event.

Day 1 started with a couple of good wins over Martyn Prins and Alan Walsh which triggered another handicap level, so now playing off scratch. Lost the third game of the day to Tim Murphy after been hampered out of hoop 1 and missing. Lost 1 – 26tp.

Day 2 with superhoops, started with a close tussle with Kevin Beard eventually going down 16 – 22. Played a blinder against Trev Bassett, even made a 3 yard hoop on 20 degree angle without any problem, to win 26 – 0. Final game of the day went to golden hoop against Ken Edwards,  eventually getting up 23 – 22.

Day 3 went to plan with wins over Neil Hardie and Brian Smith, 26 – 14 and 26 – 0 respectively, resulting in coming 4th in the block and gaining a spot in the quarter finals.

All the finals were held at Tempe with superhoops.

QF against Simon Watkins. Started very well hitting 4th turn and completing nine and up on confidence. On second break made small errors which allowed Simon back into the game, however was always doing enough to be in command the whole way through. Saved by the bell and won 22 – 20.

SF against Alan Honey. With confidence up made relatively short work of the game, assisted by a couple of rejections from Alan, and won 26 – 7.

In the final came up against Pete Landrebe.  Even though I had been playing in competition for 4 years this was the first time I had played against him.

Pete mad short work of the final, hitting his duffer tice and completing nine with NSL. I played across court aiming at partner ball at hoop 4, only to hit the hoop square on and leave both balls in court giving Pete a standard triple to finish. 26tp – 0 in just under 50 minutes. 

Had to pinch myself that I made it through to the final. Was enjoyable playing with the superhoops as it made for more precise ball movement and concentration. I hope that superhoops will be used in future events in Australia… only time will tell.

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