2010 Selectors 10

Only had 8 competitors this year with main rivals being Alan Honey and Mike Hughes, the three of us all on handicap of zero compared to the rest of the field ranging from 3 – 6.

All games for me went as planned on the first two days, including defeating Mike 26 – 9 and a triple peel. Alan had a close call against Trevor Black however also finished the two days undefeated.

In the decider, Alan and I had nervous starts (typical when mates play off). I failed 1-back and Alan capitalised completing nine. There were a number of break downs from both of us before we both found our form to complete breaks to have the game poised with Alan at 4-back &peg verses me 1-back & 4-back.

I had just got in to commence a break from 1-back but missed a dolly 1 yarded on the way to 2-back handing Alan and easy start to finish. However on running 4-back Alan was slightly hampered and handed me the simple start with about 15 minutes left on the clock. With limited time decided to play the 4-back ball and took it to the peg and pegged off Alan’s peg ball and split to corner 2 and corner 4.

Alan lagged to penult, I joined.
Alan ran penult and then went to end of ‘A’ baulk.
I rushed to wired position with dolly rush at 2-back. Alan corner 1.
Ran 2-back and retreated to position on east boundary level with hoop 6. Alan to end of ‘A’ baulk.
Ran 3-back and retreating to former position. Alan ??
Ran 4-back and penult before splitting again 8 yards out of corners 2 & 4. Alan endeavoured to lag in front of rover but ended up with an ‘angley’ hoop position 2 yards out.
I joined, narrowly missing. Alan ran rover and then fired at me, missing by less than 2 inches.
I was able to make dolly rush to rover and upon running rover time was called.
Took the risk and went for the 10 yard peg off, successfully clipping the peg to win through to the Bronze medal.
So won the Selectors 10 on the 10/10/2010… wonder what my lucky number is?


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