2011 Australian Gold Medal

Sandy Bay Croquet Club, Hobart, Tasmania

First day of the gold-medal, not nervous and just taking in the whole thing of being part of the gold-medal and representing New South Wales. The support that I have been receiving via e-mails and texts has just been fantastic. Had a bit of a struggle in the early games against Don Close and Bob Bye, but was able to get through and win those. Missed a 5 yarder against Stephen Forster which was very costly. Had an epic game against Allan Sands, had trouble completing the final three hoops which allowed Alan to complete a triple peel and win.

Started day two with a win against Dwayne but then lost to Don Close who is playing very well. Defeated Bob Bye comfortably, however lost to Stephen Forster in the last game of the day.

Has been great to have mum come down and support me and she has really enjoyed her time in Hobart even though it has been quite short. Dropped her off at the Casino (for bus to airport) on the way to the courts.

Day three played two very good games, tripling Allan Sands in the first and then missing the peg out versus Dwayne McCormack, narrowly missing out on my first consecutive triples.

Overall thoroughly enjoyed playing in the gold-medal officially coming third.

Jumped in the car with Pete and drove up to Launceston. We travelled through the heart of the sheep country of Tasmania. I quite enjoy the drive however it is not the most scenic part of Tasmania and I can understand why the tourists basically go around the outside of Tasmania.

Had a hit at the new venue, given that this is the first competition at this venue are the lawns are okay, no doubt they will settle down over the coming years.

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