2011 Australian Men’s Final

The 2011 Australian men’s final versus Robert Fletcher.

2011 Australian Mens finalists
Jim Nicholls and Robert Fletcher

Was pleased that I didn’t feel any different or over-awed by the occasion especially this being the first time playing in front of a (knowledgeable) crowd. Won the toss.

Game 1.

Started the game with a super shot and got the first break after Robert missed the corner 2 double. Unfortunately I wired myself going to one back allowing Robert to make nine stop I missed the lift and lost the game 6-26tp.

Game 2.

Was able to commence the first break however missed a 4-5 yarder going to hoop 3, once again letting Robert in to make nine. I missed the lift and lost 2-26tp.

Game 3.

Robert missed the duffer tice which enabled me to make a 5th turn nine. Roberts attempt of hitting the lift narrowly spun past the ball at hoop 4 after hitting a hoop. This enabled me to complete my first ever seventh term triple, 26tp-0.

Game 4.

I completed the first nine (1+8) and put in a loose diagonal leave, par-joining on the eastern boundary near hoop 4. Robert hit and made nine, leaving me a wide cross court double. I took the shot with my hoop one ball from where it lay, however the wind and the slope on the court meant that it was always going to miss to the left. Robert completed the triple and won the game 26tp-9 to take the match 3-1.

It was a very enjoyable match and I was happy to put in a very competitive performance, with the highlight being my first ever seventh term triple. (and Robert has me to thank for his first National Title win)

So my first “overseas” croquet tournament I played 25 games in seven days winning 16 games with five triples to have me currently ranked #52 in the world,  #12 in Australia and #2 in NSW.

Needless to say Pete was the designated driver back to Hobart so I could enjoy a few beers.

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