2011 Australian Men’s

Australian Mens, Launceston, Tasmania

Round one of the Australian men’s championship involved quite a long match against Dean Patterson. For some reason could get going but was able to graft out and win 2-0.

In round two had to play Pete Landrebe. Surprised myself somewhat and probably Pete as well with a 2-1 win (26tp-0, 0-26tp, 26tp-3). As an aside Pete is now my triple bunny, having tripled him three times in five games 🙂

Played Steven Richards in the quarter-finals, first game was very smooth, other to were scrappy but finished well in the third with 9-12-5, winning 2-1.

In the semi-final versus Dwayne McCormack breezed through the first two games thanks to a couple of mistakes from Dwayne, with a triple in the second game.

Game three ended up being a 1v2 with me being for hoop 6 and Dwayne at the 4back and peg. Kept my cool and patience and waited for the opportunities. The following is the finish after being pegged off.

From the leave with green (4b) in corner 2, Brown (peg) 3 yards north of corner 4, and white being in the centre of the lawn. I forego the lift and lag to 2 feet in front of hoop six.
Green shoots at Brown and misses, resulting in having a 2 yard rush to 4back.
White runs hoop six, turns and shoots at Green, hits Brown (slope of the lawn) but fails to get a rush to 1back. Croquets Green out of 5 yards north of Hoop1 cross wired from Brown through hoop 5. White to the end of A-baulk.
Brown goes to corner 3. White goes to halfway along the eastern boundary.
Brown shoots at White and misses, Brown in corner 4.
White then hits into court for yards north of hoop 4 to have a ball and a half should Green miss Brown into the corner.
Brown shoots and hits white.

(A few more turns happened, unable to remember)

Brown eventually wires white (eastern boundary) from both brown and green (east of hoop 1) through hoop 4, unfortunately not being able to get the dolly rush to fall back.
White plays a jump shot over hoop 4 and misses by 2 feet going into corner 1. Green resets the dolly rush 8 yards south of 4back on the boundary.
White goes to the western boundary at hoop six height
Green makes 4back and then attempts to roll into penult with an equal roll instead of promoting Brown to peg high. Runs penult clean to then declines a 5 yard return roquet, retreating to corner 4.

White with the lift from B baulk, hits Brown (11 yards to peg high), takes off to 1back and runs the hoop to peg high. Hits the 6 yarder and then rolls into 2back. Roqueting brown to just south of hoop 5, plays a past roll to green in corner 4 leaving Brown as reception ball for 3back. Playing a load on hold from corner 3, able to get both balls 1 foot in front of their respective hoops. White runs 3back, and despite a loose load at penult was able to finish the break and peg out for the win. 3-0.

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