2013 NZ Open Centennial – including early pitch report

What an opportunity. It is not every day you get the chance to play in a centennial event.
Having played in the NZ Open last year I am looking forward to catching up with friends I have made during the past twelve months from both New Zealand and abroad. ie from the UK. My form going into this event is not at the top of my game, however the challenge for me will be the conditions as United can produce some of the trickiest playing conditions in the world.
Following is an early report of the progress of the lawns, courtesy of Jenny Clarke.

Lawms at United Croquet Club

Lawms at United Croquet Club

We went around all the clubs and speed-tested them last night. United was around 10.5-12 seconds last night, but Chris hadn’t mowed for a couple of days as we have our grade champs there this weekend and they won’t know what has hit them. He said he could get them to 13 secs immediately with a mow. Fendalton was a nice surprise as they had been hairy as a couple of weeks ago. They can still lose a bit of grass, but the top-left quarter of lawn 2 is like lightening. Overall about 10.5 to 12 again. Barrington are the best we’ve ever seen them (wee 2-lawn club in the south). They were about 10.5-11.5 and had also just been mowed. Cashmere (nother 2-lawn club southish kinda twinned with barrington) was relaid a year or so ago – not as flat, but pretty good really, and really good quality grass. Also mowed. 10 secs. St Martins (4 lawns) was a little disappointing, but also in need of a haircut – 9-10. Few patchy bits there, and I’m hoping not to have to visit there.

Bit of rain forecast for the coming week, but provided it doesn’t go too nuts we should be in for a great tournament (and some rather slow games!)

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