ABC Open – croquet documentary about me!

ABC Open is an exciting initiative which provides a focal point for Australian regional communities who want to get involved in sharing their experiences through the ABC via websites, radio and TV.
… and they chose me as a subject.
During the school holidays Sonya Gee had 3 student under her watchful, artistic eye to teach how to put a documentary together. Tristan very ablied assisted with the filming.
Take a look at the fantastic job they have done

Jim Nicholls. Croquet Champion. Wagga Wagga. from ABC Open Riverina on Vimeo.

Many thanks to
Up and coming producers – Sachitha Bandara, Liam Campbell, Jade Miller;
Camera extraordinaire – Tristan Strong;
ABC Open Producer – Sonya Gee


4 Responses to ABC Open – croquet documentary about me!

  1. alix

    Gosh your lawns look great, Jim. Nice and brown! How fast are they?

    • Jimbo

      Alix, certainly nice and brown, however they are on the bumpy side. They are getting up to about 10 plummers at present, which is good for the other members as they are able to hit the ball the full length of the court without straining themselves.
      I wish that this speed would be the “slowest” they ever got to…
      You’re always welcome to come and have a hit – just remember Wagga can be a tad chilly this time of year.

  2. Tony Chew

    Hi Jim, my 91 yo mother-in-law told me yesterday about seeing you on the tele a couple of days ago and although I missed it, I tracked down the coverage and your website. To me this was a very positive and well-produced (though short) intro to the sport that could attract inquisitive types. Have you had any enquiries about playing from newbies as result of this? Cheers

    • Jimbo

      Tony, Thanks for the comment. Am always promoting croquet here in Wagga Wagga. We have had a few people come out and have a hit, although not directly as a result of the video. Yes was very well produced.

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