Armstrong Trophy 2010

 Was thrilled to get an invitation to play in the Armstrong Trophy, an event named after Tom & Jean Armstrong and are both still alive. I think Tom is 100 and Jean 98. Being in Adelaide also gives me the chance to catch up with my family – mum lives only 3 blocks up the street from the Brighton Croquet Club.

Also my first tournament playing with my new pidcock.Tough day 1 playing against Alan Sands, Ken Edwards and Robert Fletcher. Alan didn’t play a wrong stroke winning 26tp – 0, I was able to get my game together and defeated Ken 26 – 2, while Robert was on song completing a sextuple (with a straight triple) to beat me 26-sxp – 0.

Day 2 played against the two Simons, Watkins and Hockey, both of which handed out croquet lessons. In the final game of the day decided to set up for a sextuple as my opponent, Malcolm Fletcher, was going hell for leather trying to get a sextuple. Having executed the first part to perfection Malcolm didn’t shoot, then I missed, and so the fun began. Eventually Malcolm attempted the OSXP, only to fail after the third hoop, gifting me the court. Malcolm missed the leave allowing me to complete a simple break to win 26 – 3.

Day 3 verses the South Australians, Buddle, Rowberry and Dawson. A relatively straight forward win over Buddle 26 – 1, before a 1 v 2 game against Greg, eventually getting up 26 -21. Creina had me on the ropes in the third game before I was able to claw my way back. Having narrowly missed the peg out Creina hit a 16 yarder to complete the game 26 – 25.

Day 4 Another good game from yours truly to defeat Dwayne McCormack 26 – 0. Another come from behind win against Tricia Devlin 26 – 21, resulted in me finishing in 5th place overall.
Was a terrific weekend with great competition and good times with other players, family and friends.

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