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Thirsty Crow hosting sporting champions

Wagga Wagga’s finest champions, past, present and “legends of their own lunch boxes” are celebrating their sporting championship status this afternoon at the Thirsty Crow.

Thirsty Crow’s brewer’s head

Head brewer Craig Wealands wasn’t known for his sporting prowess on the field, however he has honed his skills to providing all sporting champions the finest of ales to toast their achievements.
And he has a trophy to prove it.
So being the good sport that he is, Craig has “Sporting Ale” on tap for all sporting champions to enjoy.

Croquet Champion Jim Nicholls
enjoying a “Sporting Ale”

 So come on down to the Thirsty Crow to watch our finest footballers this weekend, bring your trophies, and embellish the great moments, both on and off the field (pool table or dart board), that has made Wagga Wagga Australia’s greatest city of good sports.
Given that Two Bird clubs, Hawks and Swans, are competing for the title, it is only fitting that I take my “Best part for a Canary played by a Budgie” trophy

“Canary played by a Budgie” trophy

Thanks Dennis

Dennis has been a great supporter over the past few years. Always enjoy staying with him when I am in Sydney and sharing croquet experiences. He is also a terrific coach and spends much of his time at the Cammeray Croquet club.

Jase… the legend

It is pretty simple really… if it wasn’t for Jase, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. He has assisted me with establishing this site and understanding some of the technical aspects of hosting, plugins and the like.
A connoisseur of quality, Jase prides himself in providing top notch service, be it website design, cullinary skills or serving up a “back-hander” over a beer.  Cheers Jase.

WWCC Personal Development Grant

Receiving certificate from Mayor Kerry Pascoe with General Manager Phil Pinyon

WWCC 2011 Personal Development Grant

Always on the look out for ways of funding croquet I applied for a personal development grants offered by the Wagga Wagga City Council as part of their annual community grants program.  
In applying for the grant the budget forecast I put together was a real eye-opener in just how much one spends in persuing a dream.
Was great attending the presentation night and meet others in the Wagga community who are passionate about their city. Mayor Kerry Pascoe (pictured) presented the awards and he got to shake my hand!
Very thankful for support (both financial and moral) from Wagga locals.