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For all my blogs that have nothing to do with croquet.
It may surprise you that I do have a life outside of croquet.

Only 10 kms to go… until a (very) icy cold beer

No I haven’t been running a marathon as part of my preparation for the NZ Open.
The real marathon men are Cas and Jonesy, the guys who paddled from Australia to New Zealand, and are now just 10 kms from walking all the way to the south pole unassisted.
They have been trekking now for the last 61 days. You can follow their progress on CasandJonsey website, although I must admit, it looks like a heap of squiggles on a white piece of paper.

What’s this got to do with croquet?
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Convening a Happy Play Fest

As if I wasn’t busy enough I am covening SOACT’s 2012 Ten x 10 Play Fest.

Wagga Wagga was recently named the “happiest place in Australia” so it’s only natural that SOACT (School of Arts Community Theatre) will be producing a Ten x 10 “Happy” Play Fest in June 2012.

The format of the Tenx10 Play Fest, which features ten 10-minute plays, has proved very popular with both audiences and participants in recent years. 

SOACT’s Play Fest is part of the rich tapestry of what makes living in Wagga Wagga such a delight.

For more details visit the Tenx10 Play Fest website.

Down to Tasmania

Having spent the last couple of weeks finalising moving and catching up on work; was great to head down to Melbourne and experience something different and board the “Spirit of Tasmania”. Dwayne McCormack and Alice were also on board. Was able to get some sleep are however not the best due to my land legs. Continue reading