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2017 Festivus


This year’s Airing of Grievances tries to stimulate greater appreciation for the work the local council does and encourage tourism. #visitwagga

2016 Festivus

Wagga Wagga Airing of Grievances

This year’s Airing of Grievances tries to cut through the red tape and asks brewers to provide greater transparency when promoting their craft beer.

2015 Festivus

Serious issues have been raised at the Airing of Grievances at Festivus 2015. Yet again they are then further investigated by the tireless team of professional journalists at the Daily Advertiser.


Wagga Festivus 2014 – Airing of Grievances

Once again Festivus hits Wagga Wagga and the Thirsty Crow.
A low key affair with many people far too apathetic to even attend.

It would seem that some people do not take the “Airing of Grievances” seriously.
Thankfully the local Wagga Daily Advertiser and their professional team of journalists further investigated this year’s grievance.
You can read their findings at the Daily Advertiser website

2013 NSW Gateball Championships

Wagga Wagga entered a team in the 2013 NSW Gateball championships.
We had a lot of fun on the way to producing our best ever team result of 6 wins in 10 games.

The experienced Japanese teams were simply too good and were very precise with their ball positioning, as you can see in the video below.

For more information about Gateball visit the Gateball Website

The Croquet King

“The Croquet King” Robert Fletcher in action at the 2013 Association Croquet World Championships

Irish Peel video – normal and slow motion

Croquet Instructional Video – Irish Peel

Bob Kroeger has some wonderful instructional videos which he has been perfecting with a super slow motion camera. You can see all his videos at his website

I don’t have the equipment Bob has, however I was fortunate to get this footage of Robert Fletcher completing an Irish Peel at Rover in game 1 of the 2013 Association Croquet World championships in Surbiton.

The first is at normal speed.

Here is the Irish Peel in slow motion.

The Penultimate Croquet Waltz

Croquet is not only a game of skill and tactics, one needs to have good footwork and be in harmony.
One of the best proponents of being in harmony and exquisite footwork is current world number 1 Robert Fletcher.
Here Robert shows off his talent doing the Penultimate Croquet Waltz during the semi final against Irishman Andy Johnson in the 2013 World Championships on his way to becoming world champion.

His technique has been commented by many and widely acclaimed as one of the reasons of his fast rise and success in the last 5 years.

SBS Interview with Robert Fletcher

SBS Interview wiith Robert Fletcher

Croquet Australia, and indeed croquet enthusiasts around the world are extremely grateful for promotion of croquet by the main stream media.
Whilst not the easiest sport to promote to the masses, when your home grown hero wins the world championship everyone (we hope) jumps on the bandwagon.

Devastation of Christchurch

Having visited Christchurch back in 1993 & 2000, it was amazing to see the devastation of the main CBD area, even a full 2 years after the earthquake.
It was virtually impossible to find your way around the CBD as there are no landmark buildings anymore.
At times I felt like crying. It was so sad to see such a beautiful city in such disrepair.