Croquet Pro #03

Getting around Jacksonville

After a few weeks on the road and generally I am ok with ‘keeping to the right’. Having spent 20 years driving in Adelaide has definitely helped, drivers there are always going slow in the left lane! For my time here I have a vehicle, a Ford pickup, which I call “Penny”.

Jim with “Penny”

For those of you familiar with The Big Bang Theory the following photo explains everything.

I know how you fell Penny…

I have since been to a shop and found out the best way to fix the issue…

Most cost effective…

Drive through everything…

Ok back in Australia we have drive through bottle shops, Maccas ( and various other fast food outlets), however the most obvious drive through service they have here is banking! Yes there are ATMs, however why should you need them when you can go and talk to a bank teller at the drive up window?

Drive thru banking

After the banking is finished, don’t forget to return the kid’s library books at the drive through library.

And for the local council workers, they have Segway to keep them mobile when cleaning up rubbish or writing parking tickets.

Best way to get around Jacksonville


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