Croquet Scores arrives


Tim Murphy and family proudly announce the arrival of The gestation period was eventful, but the birth was easy and much joy experienced by all!

Please feel free to check out Tim’s new baby. If you think it looks simple you’re right.

This is a boffin free zone. We want results to be accessible to all in a range of formats and reporting styles ( still coming), but we really wanted the “back end ” to be ultra simple, and Tim has achieved this perfectly. He has designed a program that is very user friendly for everyone in croquet.

Tim is happy to have constructive feed back, and there are lots of modifications still in the works leading up to the Worlds.

The best part of the site is that venues will be adding scores in real time, and we can then promulgate the info via specifically formatted reports to wherever they are needed.

Father chuffed, baby cute, the hangers on relieved that all went well.

Cheers Rosie

PS looking forward to having scores available at each clubhouse on the bigscreen. This is how croquet scores was setup at the Cambridge Croquet Club for the 2012 Eire Cup.

Needless too say… Tim was chuffed.


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