Will Kim Kardashian ever complete a sextuple?

 This is probably one of the most un-asked questions of this century, and for good reason… Kardashian doesn’t play enough croquet to hone her skills for sextupling.
For the non-croquet people the sextuple requires one to make a break of 12 whilst peeling their partner ball through 6 hoops. Something that only the top players in the world accomplish on a regular basis. Robert Fletcher, Australia’s number 1 player has completed 3 sextuples, one of which was against me in the Armstrong trophy.
I have attempted on two occasions to complete a sextuple in matches, both times my opponent hit the lift… that just isn’t fair.

My tripling rate has been on the improve during the past 12 months; it’s taken me a while for everything to click into place. It is very satisfying to complete a game and deny one’s opponent another shot.

It is amazing what is possible once you commence tripling, I keep learning all the time about ball placement and keeping the break going without increasing the risk of breakdown.

My first triple was in a handicap game at the Wagga Wagga croquet club. (I was giving the bisques, not receiving them.
My first competition triple was a TPO (ended up being a OTP) in a game of doubles, Tim Murphy and myself against Trevor Bassett and Kevin Beard, included a ‘memorable roll’ from the eastern boundary to 2 inches out dead in front of 3-back… still spoken about over beers.

Am still spending hours practising ‘triples’. Perhaps I should invite Kardashian to Wagga Wagga and show her how it’s done. 🙂

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