Off to nuzoolan – New Zealand

This trip came as a bit of a surprise, thanks to my mate Alan Honey.
Back in August 2011, un-be known to Tim Murphy and myself, Alan forwarded our names for an ACA scholarship to play in the 2012 New Zealand Open. I must admit I laughed it off when he told me, thinking there were plenty of others ahead of us in line for the scholarship.

Having received notification that Tom Knight (Qld) and myself were the successful recipients, I duly rang Alan to inform him of the bottle of red he has coming his way.

The NZ Open will be held in Wanganui, a town approximately 2 hours drive North of Wellington.

Having not travelled for 10 years required me to update my passport, before re-organising work schedules, Christmas & New Years (stay at home) and organising flights and accommodation.

Not forgetting… practice. The lawns in Wagga Wagga are running pretty slow of late given the rain during December and the warm days in-between, it has been impossible for the groundsman to keep up. Jenny Clarke has informed me I shouldn’t have a problem, given the constant downpours during the past few weeks – 7 – 8 seconds could be quite quick.

 Will endeavour to update when I can over the next week between roqueting some Kiwi butt…  🙂

Check out the singles results and the doubles results

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