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SBS Interview with Robert Fletcher

SBS Interview wiith Robert Fletcher

Croquet Australia, and indeed croquet enthusiasts around the world are extremely grateful for promotion of croquet by the main stream media.
Whilst not the easiest sport to promote to the masses, when your home grown hero wins the world championship everyone (we hope) jumps on the bandwagon.

2012 Australian Mens – Perth

A summary of my matches in the 2012 Australian Mens Open held in Perth

Round 1 v Jock Capobianco

Game 1 was a scrappy game at first, having made a couple of errors and Jock hitting some good roquets. Eventually pulled my finger out and completed the triple, with a cheeky penult & rover peel when making penult. I must say it makes it easier to complete the straight double! Score 26tp-12.

In the second game Jock had failed hoop 2 letting me in, so set up for a sextuple Continue reading

Only 10 kms to go… until a (very) icy cold beer

No I haven’t been running a marathon as part of my preparation for the NZ Open.
The real marathon men are Cas and Jonesy, the guys who paddled from Australia to New Zealand, and are now just 10 kms from walking all the way to the south pole unassisted.
They have been trekking now for the last 61 days. You can follow their progress on CasandJonsey website, although I must admit, it looks like a heap of squiggles on a white piece of paper.

What’s this got to do with croquet?
Continue reading

2011 Australian Men’s Final

The 2011 Australian men’s final versus Robert Fletcher.

2011 Australian Mens finalists
Jim Nicholls and Robert Fletcher

Was pleased that I didn’t feel any different or over-awed by the occasion especially this being the first time playing in front of a (knowledgeable) crowd. Won the toss.

Game 1.

Started the game with a super shot and got the first break after Robert missed the corner 2 double. Unfortunately I wired myself going to one back allowing Robert to make nine stop I missed the lift and lost the game 6-26tp. Continue reading

2011 Australian Men’s

Australian Mens, Launceston, Tasmania

Round one of the Australian men’s championship involved quite a long match against Dean Patterson. For some reason could get going but was able to graft out and win 2-0.

In round two had to play Pete Landrebe. Surprised myself somewhat and probably Pete as well with a 2-1 win (26tp-0, 0-26tp, 26tp-3). As an aside Pete is now my triple bunny, having tripled him three times in five games 🙂 Continue reading

2010 Nationals

November 2010
National Double & Singles, Cairnlea Croquet Centre, Victoria

First day of doubles
One for games. Went for TPO in the first game, good ball control but missed a simple roquet, giving Trev a 4 inch roquet on B-baulk (Given his current form he had a 60% chance of hitting it). Enjoying playing with Basil, certainly different being the lead partner. Good win versus Kevin and Wendy. Barbecue with Claire, Trev, Tim, Jenny, Basil and Martin.
Second day lost to Wise/Kingdom combination in a very awful match, Wise Continue reading

2010 Australian Mens Championship

Played at Cairnlea Croquet Centre, Victoria.

Round 1 defeated Brad Maguire 26 -18, 26 -3.

Round 2 lost to Robert Fletcher 1 – 26tp, 26 – 0, 0 – 26tp.
Was a good battle against Robert, narrowly missing out on a triple peel in game 2. Made a mistake after hitting the lift in the third game which Robert then Continue reading