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2013 NZ Open Centennial – including early pitch report

What an opportunity. It is not every day you get the chance to play in a centennial event.
Having played in the NZ Open last year I am looking forward to catching up with friends I have made during the past twelve months from both New Zealand and abroad. ie from the UK. Continue reading

Croquet Scores updated

Tim Murphy has been doing a fantastic job developing the Croquet Scores website. It has come along way during the past 12 months and is continually being improved upon.
Much of the development has been improving the usability for tournament managers entering tournament data and results.
Results can be viewed in the order they are entered for the tournament or in the blocks in either grid, summary or order of play. Results are also tweeted at https://twitter.com/croquetscores.
I have add the twitter feed to this website.
I only hope the results from my games do justice to the efforts Tim has put into Croquet Scores


ABC Open – croquet documentary about me!

ABC Open is an exciting initiative which provides a focal point for Australian regional communities who want to get involved in sharing their experiences through the ABC via websites, radio and TV.
… and they chose me as a subject.
During the school holidays Sonya Gee had 3 student under her watchful, artistic eye to teach how to put a documentary together. Tristan very ablied assisted with the filming.
Take a look at the fantastic job they have done

Jim Nicholls. Croquet Champion. Wagga Wagga. from ABC Open Riverina on Vimeo.

Many thanks to
Up and coming producers – Sachitha Bandara, Liam Campbell, Jade Miller;
Camera extraordinaire – Tristan Strong;
ABC Open Producer – Sonya Gee


Taking on the world

Well one can’t compete in a World Championship without having to do a number of interviews.
Thanks to local ABC Riverina for airtime today.
To read and listen head to ABC Riverina  



2012 Australian Mens – Perth

A summary of my matches in the 2012 Australian Mens Open held in Perth

Round 1 v Jock Capobianco

Game 1 was a scrappy game at first, having made a couple of errors and Jock hitting some good roquets. Eventually pulled my finger out and completed the triple, with a cheeky penult & rover peel when making penult. I must say it makes it easier to complete the straight double! Score 26tp-12.

In the second game Jock had failed hoop 2 letting me in, so set up for a sextuple Continue reading

Croquet Scores arrives


Tim Murphy and family proudly announce the arrival of croquetscores.com The gestation period was eventful, but the birth was easy and much joy experienced by all!

Please feel free to check out Tim’s new baby. If you think it looks simple you’re right. Continue reading

3 & under becomes 10.56 and under after record rain

Record rainfall throughout the Riverina and Southern Tablelands of NSW caused the local dams (Burrinjuck and Blowering) to reach capacity within 2 days. Having been about 80% capacity, after 150m to 250mm of rain in the catchment area the dams were overflowing at un-precendented rates.
On Saturday 5 March we abandoned our local croquet as we could see the storm rolling in.

By the time Monday came around there had been plenty of rainfall in the catchment area upstream from Wagga. This caused major flooding in the Murrumbidgee. The river level quickly rose.

At 9.30pm all residents in the Wagga Wagga CBD received evacution orders and busily began packing, moving, lifting furniture before 6am Tuesday morning.

Having spent the night at my friend’s place (Thanks Bill) spent the day takng in the water views around Wagga Wagga. Amazing to see so much water…

Kangaroos “swimming for it” across kilometres of waters.


Wagga CBD protected by a 10.70 metre levee bank. The integrity of the levee could not be guaranteed, hence the evacuation. The river was tipped to peak at 10.90 metres.

 The train travelling across the Murrumbidgee at Wagga Wagga.



Every sheep for themselves… inovative ways to keep dry


And all over NSW the rain was falling and causing problems

Approximately 80% of NSW was flood affected, of which 80% of the water will flow into the Murray Darling basin to South Australia.


After a hectic few days of packing, sleeping on foreign couch and finally getting back to work, decided it best not to play in the NSW 3 & under. Whilst it was to prepare for the Eire Cup, nothing like some rest was required to get prepared for the 10 days of croquet ahead in Perth.

Off to nuzoolan – New Zealand

This trip came as a bit of a surprise, thanks to my mate Alan Honey.
Back in August 2011, un-be known to Tim Murphy and myself, Alan forwarded our names for an ACA scholarship to play in the 2012 New Zealand Open. I must admit I laughed it off when he told me, thinking there were plenty of others ahead of us in line for the scholarship.

Having received notification that Tom Knight (Qld) and Continue reading

2011 Australian Men’s Final

The 2011 Australian men’s final versus Robert Fletcher.

2011 Australian Mens finalists
Jim Nicholls and Robert Fletcher

Was pleased that I didn’t feel any different or over-awed by the occasion especially this being the first time playing in front of a (knowledgeable) crowd. Won the toss.

Game 1.

Started the game with a super shot and got the first break after Robert missed the corner 2 double. Unfortunately I wired myself going to one back allowing Robert to make nine stop I missed the lift and lost the game 6-26tp. Continue reading

2011 Australian Gold Medal

Sandy Bay Croquet Club, Hobart, Tasmania

First day of the gold-medal, not nervous and just taking in the whole thing of being part of the gold-medal and representing New South Wales. The support that I have been receiving via e-mails and texts has just been fantastic. Had a bit of a struggle in the early games against Don Close and Bob Bye, but was able to get through and win those. Missed a 5 yarder against Stephen Forster which was very costly. Had an epic game against Allan Sands, had trouble completing the Continue reading