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Only 10 kms to go… until a (very) icy cold beer

No I haven’t been running a marathon as part of my preparation for the NZ Open.
The real marathon men are Cas and Jonesy, the guys who paddled from Australia to New Zealand, and are now just 10 kms from walking all the way to the south pole unassisted.
They have been trekking now for the last 61 days. You can follow their progress on CasandJonsey website, although I must admit, it looks like a heap of squiggles on a white piece of paper.

What’s this got to do with croquet?
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Selection to Australian Squad

WOW, I have been invited to be part of the Australian Squad or the 2014 MacRobertson Shield. After having sat in front of my computer in shock for 5 minutes taking in the email I rang mum with the news.
What an honour to be part of the Australian team. Of course there is a long way to go, however fits in with my long term goal.