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Croquet Scores updated

Tim Murphy has been doing a fantastic job developing the Croquet Scores website. It has come along way during the past 12 months and is continually being improved upon.
Much of the development has been improving the usability for tournament managers entering tournament data and results.
Results can be viewed in the order they are entered for the tournament or in the blocks in either grid, summary or order of play. Results are also tweeted at https://twitter.com/croquetscores.
I have add the twitter feed to this website.
I only hope the results from my games do justice to the efforts Tim has put into Croquet Scores


Croquet Scores arrives


Tim Murphy and family proudly announce the arrival of croquetscores.com The gestation period was eventful, but the birth was easy and much joy experienced by all!

Please feel free to check out Tim’s new baby. If you think it looks simple you’re right. Continue reading

Off to nuzoolan – New Zealand

This trip came as a bit of a surprise, thanks to my mate Alan Honey.
Back in August 2011, un-be known to Tim Murphy and myself, Alan forwarded our names for an ACA scholarship to play in the 2012 New Zealand Open. I must admit I laughed it off when he told me, thinking there were plenty of others ahead of us in line for the scholarship.

Having received notification that Tom Knight (Qld) and Continue reading

Will Kim Kardashian ever complete a sextuple?

 This is probably one of the most un-asked questions of this century, and for good reason… Kardashian doesn’t play enough croquet to hone her skills for sextupling.
For the non-croquet people the sextuple requires one to make a break of 12 whilst peeling their partner ball through 6 hoops. Something that only the top players in the world accomplish on a regular basis. Robert Fletcher, Australia’s number 1 player has completed 3 sextuples, one of which was against me in the Armstrong trophy.
I have attempted on two occasions to complete a Continue reading

2011 NSW Team practice and 3 & Under

Practice & 3 & Under

The final team practice before Tasmania was really enjoyable. In the “reserves” game against Pam I attempted a QPO, however missed the rover peel, letting Pam back into the game for the eventual win. Had a good session with Tim and Pete spending time on straight peels, rushing, leaves and tripling.

Day one of the 3 & Under I woke up a stiff as a board and exhausted. Kept missing to the left all day by 2 to 3 feet which resulted in only winning one game of the four played.

Day two was still very sore (will be off to the chiro as soon as I get back to Wagga) however was able to hit everything in the middle and played well with the best game being the last one versus Rosie.

Have really enjoyed being part of the team as reserve and involved with the practice sessions and having good hit outs in both the doubles and the singles. Really looking forward to heading down to Tasmania, representing New South Wales, and being able to catch up with Mum.

2011 NSW 5 & Under doubles

5 & Under doubles

Given the last week was spent moving was very grateful to share the ride with my doubles partner Stephen Richards from Goulburn up to Sydney. We both played well on day 1, despite missing a couple of opportunities to triple, won 3 from 3. On day 2 was very happy to make two breaks of nine (error free). We won our first game, however we lost the game against Pete and Tim in a close encounter 26 – 23 after Pete TPO’d Stephen with Tim for (I think it was) 4 and I was for 4back. Overall was a good weekend with Pete and Tim the eventual winners and Stephen and myself as runner-up.

2010 NSW Bronze Medal

My goal at the beginning of the year was to ay in the Bronze medal. Thanks to Tim Murphy who helped me and made me answer the question “what do I have to do to become a Bronze medal player?”.
Narrowly missing the rankings , I had to win the Selectors 10, so had to play the top seeds on the first day.
Game 1 v Pete Landrebe. Won the opening and made 9. Pete missed the leave, Continue reading