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2013 NZ Open Winners

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NZ Open winner

Congratulations to Toby Garrison who overcame very tricky courts, “amazing” hoops and a top quality field to win the NZ Open.
Very well deserved.

Hoop 1 Court 1 – NZ Open Centenary

One of the more difficult hoops to make at United Croquet Club during the 2013 NZ Open Centenary was hoop 1 on court 1.
Rushing to the hoop from hoop 2 usually resulted in having to approach from A baulk as there was a nasty decline sloping back from the hoop to the boundary.
Aaron Westerby successfully negotiated the hoop in the video below.
Lawn was quite fast running at 13 seconds.

Preparing for NZ Open – spee kin key wee

As I have been playing croquet in different parts of Australia I have found it is a good idea to acclimatise myself as best I can in order to perform at my peak and not get any strange surprizes from the locals. For example, prior to playing in Tasmania my diet included James Boag beer and King Island Cheese, to which I partly attribute the success of making the Australian Mens final.

With this in mind, I have commenced trying to master the local New Zealand lingo to improve my results in the centenary of the NZ Open.

After completing a rendition of jungle bells I travelled to Milburn to play in the Victorian open and since then have been practicing sex times a week. Upon returning to Wagga Wagga my mcKennock did a tin thousand km service on  my car as I did my washing and used pigs to hang my clothes.
My diet includes  munnwe stroney, and fitta cheney, along with warm chuck and ever coadeau  salad.
As there is no brudge to New Zulland I will have to go via earplane – a sivven four sivven on the way there, and a sivven sucks sivven when I return.

There are not any beers in New Zealand, but some people have bun button by small insects so I will peck some pissed aside; hopefully this will not cause any problems at beggage chucken as the earplane leaves at iggs ektly sex pissed tin.

Junie Clark, a whomin with fear hear, has told me the lawns will be first and duffy cult. I amejen that this will be more of a problem for my inner me than myself. At least I have a good beard to sleep on at night after enjoying a sex pack with the other pliers.

I have been told some pliers from the nirth island have nasty hobbits like guess, so I will keep clare of them so I have frush ear.

Kip a close eye out for Tum and Jum in the dub ells, as wear hoping to stick it right up our inner mes.

No wurrys - I pissed

No wurrys
I pissed with flying collars


2013 NZ Open Centennial – including early pitch report

What an opportunity. It is not every day you get the chance to play in a centennial event.
Having played in the NZ Open last year I am looking forward to catching up with friends I have made during the past twelve months from both New Zealand and abroad. ie from the UK. Continue reading

Sightseeing in Wanganui, NZ

Having not qualified for the doubles knockout, and then losing to Aiken & Harps in the first round of the knockout plate, I was fortunate to have James Abernathy take me on a tourist drive of Wanganui.

Overloking Wanganui towards croquet lawns

Wanganui is a town of 45,000 people which does not have a major industry and therefore is a welfare town with a large population of retirees and also a younger families. Wanganui has one of the hottest ratios of schools per head of population in New Zealand.

James took it to one of the only two operational lifts within a hill in the world. We had to walk 500 metres in a tunnel to the middle of the hill before taking the lift. At the top of the hill one has a fantastic view over the township of Wanganui.

Tunnel into hill

Of course one has to visit the beach when travelling in the middle of summer. The beaches on the west coast of New Zealand are a little different to what of experienced in most places around the world. There are no golden sands or gentle waves lapping the shoreline.

Tree lined Wanganui Beach

Instead one is greeted with black sand and plenty of timber as far as the eye can see. Being on the west coast of New Zealand the seas are quite rough, and whilst there is plenty of opportunity to get a good catch the treacherous seas turned plenty of fishermen away.

Off to nuzoolan – New Zealand

This trip came as a bit of a surprise, thanks to my mate Alan Honey.
Back in August 2011, un-be known to Tim Murphy and myself, Alan forwarded our names for an ACA scholarship to play in the 2012 New Zealand Open. I must admit I laughed it off when he told me, thinking there were plenty of others ahead of us in line for the scholarship.

Having received notification that Tom Knight (Qld) and Continue reading