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2012 Australian Mens – Perth

A summary of my matches in the 2012 Australian Mens Open held in Perth

Round 1 v Jock Capobianco

Game 1 was a scrappy game at first, having made a couple of errors and Jock hitting some good roquets. Eventually pulled my finger out and completed the triple, with a cheeky penult & rover peel when making penult. I must say it makes it easier to complete the straight double! Score 26tp-12.

In the second game Jock had failed hoop 2 letting me in, so set up for a sextuple Continue reading

Go West

After another frantic week of work and the occasional open inspection headed east to Sydney to “Go West” to find out why the Eastern half of Australia had missed out on summer. Actually was to play croquet, however Western Australia did turn on some terrific weather for us.

Had an enjoyable flight watching the remaining episodes of “Big Bang Theory” that I didn’t get through during flights to New Zealand.

Met Pam Gentle & Rosemary Newsham at the airport, who patiently waited for me as my luggage was literally the last to emerge from the carousel, and then blamed me for missing the shuttle bus.

After dropping off luggage and organising cars, headed out to Cambridge croquet club for practice. Not sure what happened, whether it was the flight, 3 hours of Big Bang Theory or the extra sunshine, but I completed my first ever sextuple in practice! What a great way to head into a tournament. Kim Kardashian eat your heart out!!

Will Kim Kardashian ever complete a sextuple?

┬áThis is probably one of the most un-asked questions of this century, and for good reason… Kardashian doesn’t play enough croquet to hone her skills for sextupling.
For the non-croquet people the sextuple requires one to make a break of 12 whilst peeling their partner ball through 6 hoops. Something that only the top players in the world accomplish on a regular basis. Robert Fletcher, Australia’s number 1 player has completed 3 sextuples, one of which was against me in the Armstrong trophy.
I have attempted on two occasions to complete a Continue reading