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Thirsty Crow’s brewer night (how to prepare for team practice)

Thirsty Crow brewer - Craig Wealands

Decisions, decisions…
Local brewer, Craig Wealands, invited me to join in the festivities of the Thirsty Crow’s inaugrual brewer night. Should I pass up the opportunity and get to team practice early and refereshed?? or should I attend and celebrate Wagga Wagga’s first Continue reading

Will Kim Kardashian ever complete a sextuple?

 This is probably one of the most un-asked questions of this century, and for good reason… Kardashian doesn’t play enough croquet to hone her skills for sextupling.
For the non-croquet people the sextuple requires one to make a break of 12 whilst peeling their partner ball through 6 hoops. Something that only the top players in the world accomplish on a regular basis. Robert Fletcher, Australia’s number 1 player has completed 3 sextuples, one of which was against me in the Armstrong trophy.
I have attempted on two occasions to complete a Continue reading

Only 10 kms to go… until a (very) icy cold beer

No I haven’t been running a marathon as part of my preparation for the NZ Open.
The real marathon men are Cas and Jonesy, the guys who paddled from Australia to New Zealand, and are now just 10 kms from walking all the way to the south pole unassisted.
They have been trekking now for the last 61 days. You can follow their progress on CasandJonsey website, although I must admit, it looks like a heap of squiggles on a white piece of paper.

What’s this got to do with croquet?
Continue reading

Wagga croquet king to wear green and gold

The local paper ran a story on me about the upcoming World championships. I certainly wasn’t expecting making the back page with a huge photo of me. WOW. Also happy for the publicity and to raise the profile of the sport.

Visit Wagga Daily Advertiser’s website to read the full article.

Convening a Happy Play Fest

As if I wasn’t busy enough I am covening SOACT’s 2012 Ten x 10 Play Fest.

Wagga Wagga was recently named the “happiest place in Australia” so it’s only natural that SOACT (School of Arts Community Theatre) will be producing a Ten x 10 “Happy” Play Fest in June 2012.

The format of the Tenx10 Play Fest, which features ten 10-minute plays, has proved very popular with both audiences and participants in recent years. 

SOACT’s Play Fest is part of the rich tapestry of what makes living in Wagga Wagga such a delight.

For more details visit the Tenx10 Play Fest website.

Jase… the legend

It is pretty simple really… if it wasn’t for Jase, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. He has assisted me with establishing this site and understanding some of the technical aspects of hosting, plugins and the like.
A connoisseur of quality, Jase prides himself in providing top notch service, be it website design, cullinary skills or serving up a “back-hander” over a beer.  Cheers Jase.

WWCC Personal Development Grant

Receiving certificate from Mayor Kerry Pascoe with General Manager Phil Pinyon

WWCC 2011 Personal Development Grant

Always on the look out for ways of funding croquet I applied for a personal development grants offered by the Wagga Wagga City Council as part of their annual community grants program.  
In applying for the grant the budget forecast I put together was a real eye-opener in just how much one spends in persuing a dream.
Was great attending the presentation night and meet others in the Wagga community who are passionate about their city. Mayor Kerry Pascoe (pictured) presented the awards and he got to shake my hand!
Very thankful for support (both financial and moral) from Wagga locals.

Wagga Wagga Club Championship

 Won all 5 games conceding only 17 hoops with 2 triple peels. Off to compete in the NSW Champion of Champions in June.

The croquet player’s first blog

Welcome to my website detailing my journey in croquet as I endeavour to play at the highest level. Of course I make no apologies for also promoting this wonderful, yet at times mis-understood sport.
I look forward to sharing with you the highs and lows, the successes and most importantly, introduce you to some of the wonderful friends and supporters I have made.
I trust you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy croquet.

Jim Nicholls. Croquet Champion. Wagga Wagga. from ABC Open Riverina on Vimeo.