Thirsty Crow’s brewer night (how to prepare for team practice)

Thirsty Crow brewer - Craig Wealands

Decisions, decisions…
Local brewer, Craig Wealands, invited me to join in the festivities of the Thirsty Crow’s inaugrual brewer night. Should I pass up the opportunity and get to team practice early and refereshed?? or should I attend and celebrate Wagga Wagga’s first microbrewery along with a range of other brewer’s beers?
Not a difficult decision at all really…

Of course this meant I had to ask some “hard questions” of the visiting brewers. Among the line up was Jeremy Halse, head brewer at White Rabbit brewery  .

White Rabbit brewer Jeremy

Being the (novice) hard hitting journalist with business acronym, I enquired how he was protecting his brewery against myxomatosis and the calicivirus. He admitted no one had ever asked him that! White Rabbit certainly have a great range of beers, as it is very popular when Craig has it on tap at the Crow.

And with rabbit season you always find a hunter.

Devon Tong - Aussie Moa Hunter

Devon Tong has been sent across the ditch from Moa Brewing Company to trap rabbits (and any other type of beer drinker) and convince us that MOA isn’t just another word for beer because the kiwis can’t spell beer! It is actually short for Marlborough, the famous wine region on the South Island. Yep they’re brewing beer in a wine region… just as well it’s a good drop.

A great night had by all. Thanks to Craig and all the staff at the Thirsty Crow for a fantastic time.  The prefect way to commence a weekend’s croquet practice.

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