2011 Victorian Open

Victorian Doubles
Playing with Pete Landrebe in the doubles on day one we won three games from four matches, only losing to Kevin and Trish due to an error I made when setting the leave. Attempted one triple, blobbed in 2back, however finished with a straight double and a bombard pegged out. Still feeling the leg back muscles after doing my hamstring prior to Christmas, however the walking is doing it some good.
Day two of the doubles Peter and I won 3 from 3 to finish second behind Kevin and Tricia. Made some good breaks and attempted another triple. Enjoyed playing with Pete and learning aspects of doubles play and different tactics. We also won seven out of seven coin tosses. 🙂

Victorian singles
Won 4 of 4 games today to be equal first in the block. Still feeling the thigh and back muscles, but generally okay. Won four of four coin tosses. 🙂
Day two of the singles saw me winning 2 of 3 games played, after having a very good chance against Kevin Beard in very testing conditions. Won 2 of the three coin tosses. 🙂
Day three. Played a great game versus Robert Fletcher only to blob hoop three when going for the triple. Played an average game versus Ian Bassett but still qualified for the knockout finals.

Playing against Greg Fletcher I won the first game, he won the second game with a sixth turn triple. Greg should have finished with a triple in the third however broke down making rover to let me in. I then played error-free from hoops 1 and 3 to eventually be peg and penult, deliberately setting the leave so Greg would be looking directly into the sun (he wears glasses) if he was to take the short shot. However Greg hit the longshot (25 yards) to finish the decider 26-22.

Overall a good tournament, the lack of practice showed but the hamstring/back is doing okay.

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