Wagga Festivus 2013

Gearing up for the Wagga Festivus

Festivus will be celebrated in Wagga Wagga this year at the Thirsty Crow

Festivus is a holiday celebrated on the 23rd December, which fortunately for us is $5 pint night, so we don’t have to spend any more money than necessary.

The Festivus dinner, usually a plain meal, will not be served as the staff at the Thirsty Crow haven’t a clue about serving up a boring meal. Therefore some alcohol may be consumed whilst seated around the Festivus pole.

Come air your grievances around the Festivus pole

Come “air your grievances” around the Festivus pole

The customary tradition of “Airing of Grievances”, where we tell each other how they have disappointed us throughout the year will be take place. Craig “the brewer” Wealands will be awarding a prize for the best “grievance”. Any prize awarded will also be the first Festivus Miracle to occur in Wagga Wagga!

A $5 donation will be collected to support a local charity.

Be at the Thirsty Crow on Monday 23rd December 2013 commencing at 6pm to celebrate Festivus “with the rest of us”.

So Festivus came and went. A small group congregated around the Festivus pole at the Thirsty Crow to mark this auspicious occasion. No donation were made to the “Human Fund” as most couldn’t be bothered, a true reflection of the host (Craig the Brewer) triple booking himself and therefore unavailable for the “Feats of Strength”.

At least there was one grievance…


Happy Festivus… from the rest of us.


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